Internet of Things

Simply put, the Internet of Things makes things “talk”. Despite the lack of the most robust history, IoT is becoming a top trending tech topic and has a significant impact on our everyday lives. From your traveling plans to your leisure time, almost everyone and anything with an internet-connected device contributes to IoT.

With the growing network connections around the world, it is possible for devices to gather and transmit data thanks to their measurement capabilities.

There is no doubt that IoT is revolutionizing business. It plays a major role in facilitating services. Organizations can control and carefully examine sales data, customer behavior, and employee performance.

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Our solutions meet the needs of professionals in various small, medium-sized, and large businesses. Here are some of the industries we are operating with:

  • Production
  • Retail
  • Natural Resources
  • Smart Cities
  • Transport & Logistics

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Enterprise Resource Management


Connected sensors mean higher physical and energy efficiency. This can be achieved through increased awareness of energy consumption resulting in considerable cost savings and trouble-free management of resources and storage levels. The latter benefit is particularly vital in terms of avoiding shortages as well as surplus stocks.

Administering Infrastructure


The software helps optimize the facility and infrastructure management. It allows you to run a well-maintained workplace. Using AI allows you to track assets and reduce operating costs, as well as to implement the measures necessary to boost employee performance.

Systems Engineering


This multi-disciplinary approach means planning and developing efficient tools for optimizing quality support. Adjustable multi-device software includes processes for monitoring, task execution and self-correction.

Device & Object Integration


Devices and objects with built-in sensors are connected to the FlowDog IoT platform, which integrates data from the different devices and applies analytics. It then becomes possible to read data such as entry/exit logs, detect electric current, as well as monitor air quality, temperature and humidity display.



FlowDog systems ensure data security regardless of the device on which it is processed. Our solutions protect privacy, identify sensitive business information and maintain confidentiality. We ensure connected devices comply with high cybersecurity standards by achieving a high level of cybersecurity and minimizing cyber threats.

Configuring Connected Devices


With FlowDog IoT, you can manage your applications by gathering historical information and real-time data to support strategic and tactical decision-making processes.



REST (Representational State Transfer) is designed to ensure interoperability between different systems. With this type of software, you can use secure APIs based on the FlowDog platform, allowing applications to extract data from devices. REST-based interactions communicate with any microcontroller devices and keep them connected to the network.

Custom Apps & Data Analysis


The collected data, records and parameters still need to be analyzed. This is necessary to make the information meaningful and to be able to support the company’s external and internal processes as well as to successfully manage its various resources. In order to do so, FlowDog provides innovative and user-friendly customized applications to help you analyze the collected data and make relevant data-driven decisions.


Greater sense of control and better use of resources

Rapid large-scale and small-scale deployments

Data analysis and visualization

Logging and tracking information

Effective operation management


Facility Management Building Maintenance Process

We have been struggling to control the quality of work performed by employees in remote locations. It is often the case that building or estate maintenance in a given location is supervised by one or two people only. A regional manager, having multiple locations under his supervision, is able to control only a small number of them. This leads to situations in which the company finds out about quality negligence or poor work performance.

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