Make sure your sales reps stay in constant touch with the clients by seeing tasks “follow-up” or “make a call”. Steer your team so that they stick to the plan and progress methodically through the sales cycle.

FlowDog CRM Light will help them complete tasks on time and not become lost in the volumes of data.

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FlowDog CRM Light ensures agile sales management which allows you to administrate the customer database while optimizing the work of your salesmen. Your sales process can be monitored in a simple way creating sales processes and staying up-to-date with all the topic stages and checking the lead status. Thanks to easy-to-use interface (catalogs and filters) you can keep track of the project status and manage contracts signed with customers. Using our customisable reminder system your team will be automatically notified of new tasks and leads.

Create your own dashboards and reports with our user-friendly platform. Browse the event history anytime, anywhere. Organize and back up your correspondence history.

There are literally hundreds of CRM systems out there which force work into a complicated system. As a versatile tool, FlowDog refines your workflow and helps your team get up to speed.

Why Do You Need the Sales Management System?

Digital transformation is both inevitable and necessary. The high quality of customer service has never been so vital than it is now. The ongoing race for customer attention means that rapid response time, commitment, and individually “measured” offers are crucial to keep ahead of the competition. By implementing an appropriate sales management tool, you will be able to collect and organize all the data needed to effectively close the sale and upsale.

The sales management application allows you to manage your teams’ work in order to achieve better compliance and optimal performance. FlowDog CRM Light makes it possible to create ready-made offers and pricing sets as well as to classify documents and group units. By using the sales management system, you are able to track and capture all sales and upsell opportunities for additional services. To make sensible business decisions and modify changes if necessary, it is essential to measure effects and identify any bottlenecks. FlowDog CRM Light can help your company eliminate the hours spent sifting through endless spreadsheets, reduce costs, achieve better user experience and accelerate service delivery in real time.

FlowDog CRM Light allows you to create, view, edit, approve, and search for multiple streams of information. With the real-time business insight into your document management system, you can stay up-to-date with all the necessary product information, presentations, quotes, records, manuals as well as other useful materials. FlowDog CRM Light is an all-in-one fully responsive and easy-to-use app you can access from any device. Update, classify and assign customer information and sales opportunities wherever you are.

Let’s talk about how FlowDog can help you.



Enhance Leads Actions


Determine the lead scoring process through carefully collected data

Automate the Workflow


Save time, reduce costs, and speed up your customer service

Measure Performance of Your Marketing Team


Keep track of marketing campaigns through comprehensive graphical charts, reports, and dashboards

Achieve Better Customer Service & Learn Their Expectations


Double your chances of understanding the customer decision process

Improve Your Strategic Plan


Have control of the employee scheduling thanks to innovative solutions

Keep Up-to-date With New Events


Use tools allowing you to keep ahead of your competition


Full control over the sales process

Innovative tools for sales reps enhancing work efficiency

Better sales service

Automatically generated offers and contracts

Modular system easily editable depending on your needs

Automatic reports and business operations analysis

Case Study

Renewable Energy Installer

problem: I head up a group of around 60 people (administration and PV surveyors). I remember struggling not so long ago with the growing number of orders being placed in our company and couldn’t keep up with a changing cohort of employees. We were using various types of applications delaying our work. A large number of documents were misplaced, missing or past due. The administration staff failed to timely and effectively handle documents.

I was just losing track of the entire PV installation process and decided to search for an app that would simplify and improve the customer service process comprehensively – from the PV surveyor’s site visit to the post completion testing. FlowDog has solved this problem for us.

SOLUTION: Check out our solution


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