How to create systems that respond quickly to client needs? Dominik Dubrowski in an interview for ITwiz.

Dominik Dubrowski, Managing Director of FlowDog (LoVo Software Ltd.), in interview for ITwiz, in which issues related to technology, the IT market, clients, and the company FlowDog’s future development plans were discussed.

“The vision behind the FlowDog brand is based on two pillars: business consulting and delivering dedicated applications utilizing an innovative Low Code platform. We aim to fill the existing gap in the market between services provided by consulting firms, such as process optimization, and software providers.” – Dominik Dubrowski, CEO of FlowDog

The entire interview is available at this link.


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Task & Process mining

A natural extension of our core business activities in the field of providing software to support business processes is Task & Process Mining. It allows you to both search for certain dependencies, regularities, downtime and realize unused potential for process optimization.

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Forget about paper complaints consuming your time. While monitoring business processes, FlowDog summarizes findings and creates comprehensive graphical charts, reports, and dashboards in real time. Stay in complete control over the entire business process.

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Remote Management

Manage your processes and tasks remotely. Work from anywhere and simplify documentation (elektroniczny obieg dokumentów) workflow. Analyse and manage your data and processes using paper-free mobile app. Through digital documentation workflow you can save significant amounts of time and money as well as help your employees work more effectively and make data available for others to use in a secure way.

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