Case Study: Building and Gardening Supermarket Network


Client & Need:

A network of supermarkets in the European construction market, established in Germany in 1970. Providing services for designing spaces and installing purchased items from the supermarket.

Challengdes & Expectations:

The company had to face a series of significant challenges in managing designers, including:

  • The need for manual input of availability on the website, lack of integration with the actual calendar used by contractors.
  • Restrictions on meeting planning, such as the inability to schedule meetings of a different duration than 2 hours and the absence of options for inserting breaks between meetings.
  • Lack of automatic notifications for clients, which hindered communication and caused unnecessary confusion.
  • The need for manual transfer of changes from the schedule to the website, leading to duplicated work and increased risk of errors.
  • Lack of feasibility verification for meetings, allowing clients to schedule meetings when designers were unavailable, resulting in unnecessary complications.
  • Lack of statistics on conducted meetings, reservations, and cancellations, making it difficult to analyze work and conduct business efficiently


FlowDog solution for the company brought many benefits, including the ability to manage designers’ calendars in one place. This made it easier to input schedules with slots of varying lengths and types, including breaks, and 2-hour slots were automatically transmitted as visible availability on the website. Clients also had the option to schedule and conduct meetings of a different duration than 2 hours, improving their website user experience.

The FlowDog solution allowed for the automation of incoming orders from the website form and the automatic sending of email and SMS messages confirming and reminding clients about their meetings. Registering the execution or cancellation of a meeting with a client in FlowDog enabled better management of meeting schedules, while statistics on reserved, conducted, and canceled meetings allowed for better monitoring of company activities and improved future planning.

With FlowDog, the company also implemented automatic sending of customer satisfaction surveys, which allowed for a better understanding of customer needs and the customization of offerings to meet those needs.


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