Case study: A company from the employment agency industry.


Client & Need:

A company from the employment agency industry. It has been operating on the Polish and European market for almost 20 years, providing services related to human resource management, offering comprehensive payroll and accounting support, professional employment mediation, as well as temporary work and employee outsourcing services.

Challengdes & Expectations:

The company had been struggling with many problems related to document flow for a long time. They did not have well-organized documentation of contractors and potential employees, and the entire document flow was done manually. Due to the lack of the possibility to have automatic notifications about document and contract deadlines, a significant majority of them became overdue and were not updated on time. Manual generation and sending of offers and contracts to contractors delayed this process and generated recurring errors. There was no possibility to control the current work of coordinators, which resulted in a lack of up-to-date information on company matters. The company did not exercise any control over overdue contractor payments, which resulted in delays. Introducing new employees into databases, which was done personally in the office, contributed to a huge burden on offices and constant queues.


We organized the processes related to electronic document flow and, as part of the cooperation, we implemented the CRM module and HR module, thanks to which the following processes were standardized and automated:

  • Contractor and client databases,
  • Generating offers and contracts and the approval path within the system,
  • Integration with external systems in the scope of invoices and booked payments,
  • Clients can independently register in the employee database in FlowDog, in the privacy of their own homes or using tablets in the company’s offices,
  • Automatic generation of contracts for employees and digital signature in Flowdog,
  • The possibility of recording sales activities related to contractors (CRM Light – sales opportunities and activities),
  • Verification of the validity dates of documents and medical tests.



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