Case study: Production company.


Client & Need:

Metal Union is a company that has been operating on the market since 1995. Its main activity is the production of steel profiles, including laser-welded ones, which are primarily used in the production of insulated glass units. In addition to profile production, the company also has a separate department that specializes in wire product manufacturing. Due to the importance of development for the company, the decision was made to implement a process automation tool that is crucial for standardizing production-related activities.

Challengdes & Expectations:

Before implementing the tool, the company’s work relied mainly on activities in MS Excel. The management of processes in this environment was not automated, which resulted in excessive time and work. With the development of the department responsible for the production of wire products, there was a need to standardize and automate the activities.


Thanks to FlowDog, many processes in Metal Union have been automated, including:

• Order handling process – the system allows tracking of all steps related to order fulfillment, which provides better control over the production process.

• Customer database management – FlowDog allows managing and cataloging all produced goods, which facilitates communication with customers and streamlines sales processes.

• Order management – users can enter customer orders into the system, and the system automatically creates production orders containing all the steps needed to produce a given product.

• Verification of order status – the system stores historical data and allows tracking of the progress of order fulfillment.

• Automatic counting of material demand for open orders – the system allows filling inventory gaps by automatically counting the materials needed to fulfill orders.

• The system also has many other features that improve work efficiency, such as a calendar informing about dates scheduled for sending out produced goods, which facilitates planning of subsequent orders. All historical orders previously entered into Excel were also imported into the system. The system also has a dictionary of product names, which facilitates ongoing communication with customers.


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