Case study: Owner of online stores.


Client & Need:

The owner of online stores creating products and services that bring joy, positive energy, and evoke a smile. A provider of personalized gadgets, present in the e-commerce market since 2006.

Challengdes & Expectations:

The client struggled with a lack of automation and standardization in the complaint process. The current processes were integrated in different systems, such as:

  • a complaint database
  • ordering of repeat production
  • ordering of money transfers
  • ordering of courier service/generating and sending labels.


FlowDog provides:

  • Automation of the customer complaint submission process directly through the website.
  • Storage of all complaints and enabling all necessary actions required for processing (described below).
  • FlowDog automatically sends an email acknowledging the receipt of the complaint and other automatic emails during the process (e.g. after changing the status of the complaint).

It allows the employees of the complaints department to:

  • View submitted complaints and their status.
  • Make decisions, which are automatically sent to the customer via email.
  • Send manual emails using predefined templates with the ability to modify them.
  • Add interactions to the complaints.
  • Request the reproduction and shipment of a new item to the customer.
  • Generate and send a shipping label to the customer if they need to return the product.
  • Order a bank transfer directly to the banking system, where the accounting department approves the order.
  • Integrate with the production system, courier companies, and banking systems.

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