What Exactly Is DMS and How Does It Work?

What is Document Management (DMS)?

DMS (Document Management System) is a system for managing documents. DMS systems are designed to receive, store, manage, share and search documents. The possibility to search for required data based on defined parameters or keywords is one of the main system functionalities. A document is entered into the system automatically, e.g. by scanning paper records.

Why Electronic Document Management Is Vital to Your Business?

It would seem that paper documents are commonly used only in small companies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Documents floating in paper format are not uncommon in both medium-sized and even large companies. Traditional workflow is based on transferring letters in paper form between departments, employees, branches, external suppliers and contractors. The document workflow involves registering and allocation, assigning rights and priorities, as well as their proper classification and archiving.

Paper-based management can prove costly in numerous areas, e.g. employee management and financial issues just to name a few. The bottom line is that digital management saves time and money.

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DMS – Where To Use It?

Not everything always goes the way we planned it. It happens that the seemingly simplest and most administrative services delay processes in sales and marketing departments, as well as upset field workers and customers. Electronic document management can significantly foster efficiency, streamline repetitive tasks and drive consistent process improvement.

Correspondence Management

A robust document management can control incoming and outgoing correspondence. Each employee can independently register their activities and enter documents. FlowDog supports automatic and manual registration of correspondence. It can introduce unified control of information in order to successfully process necessary data and send documents to the right recipient.

Seamless System Administration

DMS-type systems ensure robust user and access management, as well as system configuration. With the pressures of a dispersed team, your organization can significantly minimize the amount of unnecessary information and messages (depending on their respective responsibilities).


With the reporting module, it is possible to view the status of cases in real time, as well as to manage team work and – more importantly – to generate automatic reports based on the source filters. Thanks to that, it is easy to detect errors, bugs, and downtime, as well as to quickly react to them.

Your organization can enjoy lag-free multi-tasking and an organized work environment by implementing an electronic document management. The urgency of business continuity planning has become the bottom line of any self-respecting business. Organizing document management processes, i.e. dividing documents into sections, assigning records to respective employees, and determining stages of document circulation, will significantly streamline document transmission. Opportunities opened by detailed filtering, searching and generating clear reports frequently translate into reduced errors, bugs, and unnecessary costs and drive productivity.


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Remote Management

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