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Are You Fully Optimizing Your Sales Processes? How To Collect Data and Retain Your Customers

A sales process is key to running a successful sales organization. Are you sure though that you are realizing the full potential of your sales and marketing departments? In order for your sales reps and the marketing  team to bring measurable results, it is necessary to synergize their actions, as well as to optimize sales processes, which will organize and speed up your sales cycle.

Who Is Your Customer?

Treat this question as the starting point for any activity your marketing and sales teams might encounter. Defining your target group is a backbone of any business. It allows you to tailor your marketing pitch and identify the needs of your typical customers. This can only be the case if you choose the right channels of communication. It is essential to make sure that the scoring is based on customers’ real shopping experience, and not on wishful thinking. In order to accurately target your group, establish common rules with the sales department: How do we define a lead? What criteria should we take into account? Otherwise, the process will not be effective and functional. In order for the developed model to have a chance to deliver tangible benefits for your business, an appropriate sales management tool is necessary.

The Power of Digital Technology

The dynamics of change in business relationships is enormous. It is somewhat surprising to note that customers’ preferences and attitudes often change overnight. Even the most advanced sales management systems are not able to meet the expectations of their users and customers. A wide-ranging mix of responsiveness, flexibility, and comprehensive overview must be taken. Let us not fool ourselves: it is only delivered by modern and user-friendly tools.

Low-code solutions allow you to intuitively create applications and expand their functionalities regarding individual needs of your teams with little or no coding knowledge. It speeds up process implementation, brings a number of benefits and is used in many organizations across different departments – from sales, to administration and accounting.

Is CRM a Thing of The Past? Business Expectations and New Solutions

A modern alternative to sales process management is a system that offers multiple functions and automates processes in multi-department companies. This solution fits perfectly into shifting business demands.

In contrast to customer relationship management packages, such software is customer-centric.

The main benefits of data-driven automation apps is so-called “reproducibility” and modularity which allows you to relatively easily modify the system according to your needs. Quick modification enables almost immediate platform development facilitating information exchange between employees. It speeds up processes by allowing your team to automatically process and record documents, as well as monitor and control task status and reminders for important deadlines.

Development, Automation, Artificial Intelligence: The Three Musketeers of Success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. It is integrated with building systems and applications that allows you to monitor customer behavior and more precisely adjust algorithms to their requirements. Working with huge amounts of data, collected in different systems, might cause numerous difficulties in their proper analysis. Thanks to AI, it is possible to create detailed analyses and extensive, interactive reports that are based on historical data and future trends. Thanks to this, it is possible to estimate the real sales results of a given product or within a specific target group.

Nowadays, when most of the activities have moved to the online world, acquiring a new customer is much more difficult and, above all, more expensive than keeping the current one. However, for the development of the company both processes are equally important. That is why it is so important to understand customer needs, modify the current offer and make the right decisions about the direction of action, so that you can maintain current relationships and improve sales results. It’s worth going with the spirit of new technologies and opening up to the opportunities offered by the combination of automation, artificial intelligence and customer-centricity.


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