Cybersecurity - Necessity or Luxury?

  • The Scale of Cyber Crime
  • Cyberbezpieczeństwo standardem XXI wieku
  • According to Reed Smith, scams have increased by 400 per cent in 2020. While it encouraged some companies to redefine their security approach, still a large proportion is clearly unwilling to declare an increase in security spending. Cybersecurity may become the norm for us so it is vital to know that the concept is still in the making.

    The Scale of Cyber Crime

    Cyber incidents are becoming the biggest concern for companies. Company local network resources need constant monitoring and regular improvement. Small, medium-sized, and large companies run the risk of being exposed to data breaches and ransomware attacks.

    Global losses from cybercrime skyrocket to nearly billions of dollars each year. The threat is growing as IoT, a system of interrelated computing devices, expands. For a deep dive on the IoT, you can check Internet of Things in Business and Daily Life. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) the number of interrelated devices is expected to increase to 55.7 billion.

    In order to control the supply chain, inventory control and product management, it is crucial that companies use a reliable operating system from a trusted service provider.

    Cyberbezpieczeństwo standardem XXI wieku

    Cloud business, IT security policy implementation and security awareness training are issues that no CEO should think about implementing today. Nowadays, cybersecurity is becoming a pillar of every properly operating organization. Countering cyber threats is extremely difficult. However, taking consistent actions, implementing an efficient strategy and maintaining constant system monitoring can significantly minimize the overall risk of attack. There are a few basic practices and technology solutions that can protect the public and private sectors from hackers.

    4 Cybersecurity Rules to Live By

    1. Cloud Solutions

    Cloud storage allows you to save data and files in an off-site location. Massive amounts of money spent on buying and maintaining equipment are standing in the way of proper security development. With cloud solutions, entrepreneurs transfer partial responsibility for securing the company’s infrastructure to a professional service provider. In this way, they boost internal security culture. In Poland, large and medium-sized organizations have already adopted cybersecurity standards to secure business enterprise’s assets and users in cyberspace. In small enterprises, mismanagement and mishandling of data backups are constantly increasing security woes.

    1. Security Awareness Trainings

    Evil never rests. Hackers are on the constant lookout for phishing attempts. It is possible due to, among other things, a lack of employees’ digital competence. Cybercriminals often use social engineering tactics. Cyber attacks can be minimized by incorporating security awareness training into your organization. In Poland, almost 70% of big corporations provide non-mandatory training in this area. In comparison, only 20% of small companies care about the issue. It is far too few.

    1. VPN Connection

    VPN is all about encrypting sensitive data. The benefits of using a VPN must not be underestimated. It could significantly bolster your business’ security profile. The secure tunnel means that you do not have to worry about connecting employees to home or public Wi-Fi networks who work remotely or are on business trips.

    1. Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

    Strong authentication plays a crucial role in a company’s cybersecurity strategy, as 85% of cyberattacks stem from password hashing. Today, a combination of username and password-based login is an insufficient way of authentication. Therefore, when implementing an IT security system, check whether the service provider pushes you to adopt 2FA (two-factor authentication). With FlowDog, it can be implemented as:

    • SMS Text-Message 2FA
    • Biometric 2FA (e.g. verifying a person’s identity via fingerprints)
    • Software & Hardware Tokens 2FA
    • PIN Codes
    • Code Cards

    Cybersecurity is critical for all modern and well-operating companies. Unfortunately, while large and medium-sized organizations have their value manifested in digital form, many small businesses do not have a “digital” plan in place. However, the increased number of local networks, IoT, and the constant technology advancement are contributing to the fact that cloud solutions will be essential to every industry in the near future.



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