Time Tracking? You Sure Need It

Companies are facing an increasing need to constantly adapt to a rapidly changing world. The COVID-19 pandemic and a sequence of lockdowns have had significant implications for the speed and size of the shift in business approaches. The change is tremendous, fueled by yet another wave of new information and communication technology. The digital revolution is recasting the relationships between customers, employers and employees. There is no way to skip it if you want your organization to stay ahead of your competition. Firstly, get down to your work time.

Here are some IT solutions used to control work time. You will learn why so many companies track employee time, what is the purpose of electronic time tracking and how to handle it in a secure way.

The New Post-Pandemic Workplace. Finding Your New Purpose

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed global markets for good. Almost overnight, companies had to reshape their existing organizational models and implement new solutions to keep their operations running smoothly and limit any possible losses. Some companies did not cope with the challenge, others managed to survive thanks to courageous and spontaneous decisions. It has been two years after the first lockdown and companies are now not only offering remote work, but actually encouraging employees to embrace the ‘new workplace’.

Home office is standard in almost all professions where direct contact with clients is not the foundation of business operations. Contracts are signed electronically, business meetings have become virtual thanks to online meeting platforms, and some employers are willing to let their teams work remotely, which is reflected in numerous job offers. The need to shift to a more effective internal communication and seamless document flow has never been so urgent before. This can be done, among other things, by means of electronic time tracking. Introducing appropriate solutions to your business can bring a bunch of great benefits. You will find more in the article Document Digitization Or How Electronic Document Management Saves Time And Money.

IT Solutions For Supporting Remote Work

Digital transformation is one of the most effective ways to maintain a stable, functioning and competitive business. Entrepreneurs have become fully aware of that, which translated into our new agile approach to IT solutions at FlowDog. In order to guide your business to smooth and effective transitioning to remote work, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the current processes your company operates on. This approach will allow you to identify processes needed for business growth and determine the digital solutions that can effectively drive the change.

The key functionalities that support online working include: remote project planning, efficient task and meeting management, work allocation, project progress tracking and time tracking. You can find all these solutions in FlowDog’s offer.

Electronic Time Tracking

Electronic time tracking enables convenient management, easy task creation and allocation, work progress monitoring, and full control over expenses and profits. The software allows you to optimize costs and improve the quality of customer service. It also enables you to use DMS (electronic document circulation system) anytime, anywhere. The main functionalities of electronic time tracking include:

Convenient Attendance Tracking

Managing employee absences and substitutes is now even easier. With attendance tracking, bosses and managers can quickly respond to unforeseen employee gaps and ensure business continuity.

Full Control Over Your Daily Tasks

Monitoring the event history allows organizations to keep track of the company’s operations. Access to a wide range of data provides a comprehensive view of the business, including how to conveniently control revenues and expenses.

Business Continuity

Electronic time recording improves company efficiency and is beneficial to maintaining the continuity of business operations. Full access to current company’s data allows you to wisely and seamlessly manage employees and processes.

Greater Efficiency, Easier Payroll

With time tracking software, employees can independently track the time they spend on individual tasks. The result? It improves employee efficiency. Electronic time tracking not only helps to plan daily activities, but also is a way of achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance by alerting employees when to clock in and clock out to submit their time. Coherent and clearly arranged timesheets on attendance and vacation allows for easy payroll.

Ensuring Process Automation Security

Digital transformation has shown how crucial it is for the companies which could not overcome resistance to evolve with technology to be now digitally literate. Any business that wants to grow should sooner or later decide to endeavor on digital transformation, introducing such solutions as electronic time tracking. How are they beneficial to business operations? Read on Why Are We So Afraid of Change? Introducing Automation to Boost Efficiency. However, the pandemic is a valuable lesson for the users, as it is in the same way for its creators. As many as 96% of IT professionals admit that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way they think about the technologies they use (but not only)*. We are witnessing a true digital revolution. Rapid digital transformation has entered all spheres of our life and is now forcing changes on both “sides of software”.

IT companies, faced with massive automation, have had to take security seriously. The remote-hacking flaws within the Zoom platform was echoed during lockdowns in public schools which used the platform to conduct lessons. That is why comprehensive data protection is a strategic priority at FlowDog. We use state-of-the-art methods to protect important data from leakage, damage, and unauthorized access. Our software analyzes potential threats as well as identifies and eliminates gaps in your IT infrastructure. All this is to let you work comfortably and safely from anywhere.

* Yellowbrick Report. Data for this study were collected among around 1000 IT employees.



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