Case study: Company from the trade and gastronomy industry


Client & Need:

The company specializes in providing meals, primarily focusing on production and distribution. Over the years, the company has significantly expanded, covering the international gastronomic market and diversifying its offerings with various dishes, appetizers, and desserts, alongside its main product. Currently, the company operates approximately 150 gastronomic locations in Poland.

Challengdes & Expectations:

The company faced a lack of automation and standardization in the fiscal document control process, leading to various issues such as:

  • Lack of automation in the control process, a coordinated and automated strategy for controlling fiscal documents, making management difficult.
  • Delays in processing paper documents: Processing data from receipts and daily reports from different sales points is done on paper, causing delays due to the need for document couriering.
  • Lack of reporting capabilities from printers: There is an issue with reporting data directly from fiscal printers, hindering sales monitoring and analysis.
  • Manual data entry: The process of entering data from daily reports is manual, posing the risk of errors and requiring additional workload.

FlowDog addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive solution that redefines fiscal document management processes.


Key Solution Elements:

  • Information Centralization:

FlowDog stores a list of companies, shops, and printers in a central system, providing consistent access to data.

  • Automatic Data Retrieval:

Receipts and daily reports are automatically retrieved from printers, available with a one-day delay.

  • Automatic Accounting:

Daily reports are automatically accounted for in the system, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  • Monitoring and Notifications:

FlowDog monitors data retrieval and transmission processes to Business Central 365, sending automatic notifications in case of issues.

  • Integration with ETL into the reporting system:

FlowDog provides information through ETL processes to the client’s reporting system, ensuring current and accurate data.

  • User Permissions Management:

System users can manage printers, shops, the receipt, and report database, and have the ability to intervene manually in case of problems.


With FlowDog, the company achieves efficient fiscal document management, eliminating issues related to lack of automation. Processes become more automated, and errors are eliminated. FlowDog not only reduces operational costs but also increases the efficiency of fiscal document management processes, contributing to the organization’s success.


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