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Even the smallest company might be working through hundreds of documents and invoices on a monthly basis. Thousands or even tens of thousands invoices are handled in more complex corporations. Regardless of which of these groups you find your business, you can improve your day-to-day tasks by using easy-to-use and innovative OCR with FlowDog.

Can you imagine freeing your employees from arduous paperwork to save their time and help them process invoices remotely? Can you imagine being one click away from settling your invoices in the swiftest possible means?

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Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a business solution for recognizing printed characters, full texts, and images up to 10 000 characters within a minute. It offers companies the opportunity to get a much better digital handle on the information they store. It promotes better communication and cooperation between departments allowing everyone to have more capital to use for truly essential work. No more filing up documents by hand and searching through massive paper files. FlowDog OCR will help you in the following areas:

● settling invoices,
● generating correcting invoices,
● invoicing cash receipts,
● settling e-invoices (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF),
● handling utility bills,
● settling pre-payments,
● handling cash reports,
● handling checks.

While scanning the documents, OCR recognizes the following elements:

● Recipient’s Information
● Business Tax Reference Number
● Currencies
● Quantity
● Unit
● Unit Net Price
● Unit Gross Price
● Description
● Tax Rate
● Invoice ID
● Bank Account Number
● Issue Date

When scanned, the OCR tool transfers the recognized data to the given software.


Accessing a digital file is much more convenient and time-saving. Your team will boost its productivity and effectiveness by focusing on meaningful tasks. OCR minimizes human errors and recognizes the Polish characters with ease.

The OCR technology takes the strain off the departments handling invoices and frees them from strenuous manual work. Bring your workflow management to the next level by introducing the FlowDog OCR platform which equips your company with an innovative and smart contract, invoice and task management system.

Documents are converted into editable and searchable PFD files. While using the integrated management system and other efficient FlowDog tools, you are able to share the files with the right people or grant teams access to the confidential files as needed.

A further advantage of FlowDog OCR is that it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, as the solution requires less paper materials to create special archives and security features for paper invoices.

Search For Invoices with FlowDog OCR

The OCR technology has come a long way and is not only used to quickly and effectively enter data into the platform, but also to smartly search for any file. If you are looking for a previously purchased laptop, you can easily find any invoices by entering the key word, e.g. “laptop”, “Dell” etc. The modular design ensures precise editing of written documents, storage of data, as well as executing any task within the platform.

Learn how FlowDog OCR combined with our expense invoice approval procedures and cost invoice distribution can save your company’s money.


Let’s talk about how FlowDog can help you.



Optical Character Recognition System


OCR recognizes the most essential invoice elements, such as the sender’s name, the client’s name, invoice ID, price, and issue data. It then automatically enters the data into the system.

Remote Data Feed


PDF and PNG files are entered into the system. Your teams can spend less time on manual and repetitive activities. All they have to do is review invoices for accuracy.

Automatic Approval Procedure


Based on the invoice data, FlowDog OCR automatically carries out invoice approval procedures to ensure accuracy and timeliness.


Saving your employees’ time

Gaining more control over costs

No more late payments and lengthy searches for invoices

Automatically recognizing the content of the invoice and entering it into the invoicing platform

Faster cost invoice processing

Better control over costs and expenses

Case Study

Renewable Energy Installer

problem: I head up a group of around 60 people (administration and PV surveyors). I remember struggling not so long ago with the growing number of orders being placed in our company and couldn’t keep up with a changing cohort of employees. We were using various types of applications delaying our work. A large number of documents were misplaced, missing or past due. The administration staff failed to timely and effectively handle documents.

I was just losing track of the entire PV installation process and decided to search for an app that would simplify and improve the customer service process comprehensively – from the PV surveyor’s site visit to the post completion testing. FlowDog has solved this problem for us.

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