Case study: Network of construction and gardening stores. Complaint module.


Client & Need:

A network of construction and gardening stores operating in the European construction market, with its roots in Germany since 1970, offers room design services and assembly of purchased items from the store. One of their main challenges was effective project management, especially in the area of complaints.

Challengdes & Expectations:

The company encountered several challenges related to managing the complaint process, including:

  • Lack of a service database in the previous system, requiring manual entry of service data for each complaint.
  • Inadequate fields for filling in information, resulting in adding descriptions in the notes section and often missing essential information.
  • Lack of visibility of information regarding the return of items from the service and no ability to monitor the complaint process flow, leading to chaos in the system.
  • Inability to monitor complaints before purchase prevented tracking the progress of these reports.
  • Lack of flexibility in editing SMS messages to customers before sending and no ability to monitor incoming correspondence hindered adapting communication to individual customer needs.
  • Lack of communication with various parties in the process beyond SMS to customers and no statistics on complaints by suppliers and article models prevented comprehensive and effective complaint management.


FlowDog proposed a comprehensive solution that included:

  • A complaint form containing all the necessary fields, automatically adjusting based on previous selections.
  • Centralization of email communication with all parties involved in the process (customer, supplier, courier, etc.).
  • Generation of complaint and repair documents, enabling quick dispatch to the customer or supplier.
  • Personalized SMS and email templates that can be modified before sending.
  • Automatic messages to customers with information about the status and resolution of the complaint (decision included in the message content).
  • Storage of feedback correspondence in the system instead of email inboxes.
  • The ability to respond to incoming correspondence.
  • Maintaining a history of interactions and actions on each complaint, along with the date and responsible person for the report, and transferring information and tasks between different users/units with notifications.

By implementing FlowDog’s solution, the network of construction and gardening stores achieved significant improvements in managing the complaint process. The new complaint module allowed for faster, more efficient, and transparent handling of complaints, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and streamlining internal company operations.


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