Managing your business with FlowDog allows you to take full advantage of an electronic document management system from anywhere, as well as manage all documents and tasks remotely. There is no other way but to save time and money as well as to free your employees from repetitive tasks requiring manual intervention, with complete data protection.

  1. Create & Assign Tasks
  2. Monitor the Work Status
  3. Control Revenues & Expenses
  4. Enhance Customer Service
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Electronic Document Management System FlowDog (EDMS)

The FlowDog solution enables remote management of processes and documents. By implementing the platform, your organization gains around-the-clock availability to all tasks and documents. All activities are organized and classified in one place with the number of employees reduced.

The electronic document management system requires proper access rights and privilege assignment. Make sure you own your operations by permitting only certain users to access, process, or alter data as well as by applying varying limitations on user access or actions. FlowDog keeps all sensitive and private information secure from any cyber attacks in accordance with the highest security standards. Eliminate the risk of documents being misplaced or falling into the wrong hands.

Smart & Intuitive Electronic Document Management System

A smart and intuitive search engine makes it possible to find documents accumulated over months and years. FlowDog provides full registration and archiving giving you access to the entire customer history. You receive notifications about:

  • important dates
  • guarantees
  • validity periods
  • periods of limitation
  • reviews
  • current status of projects

Develop a business ready to build thriving relationships with the customers. Share valuable insights and seek joint opportunities.

App-driven Invoicing

Invoicing is vital in electronic document management. FlowDog gives you access to all the invoices stored under one roof. Offers and contracts are generated automatically. The use of OCR techniques, i.e. character and text recognition in a raster image file, allows you to mechanically create various types of contracts, agreements, and to conclude transactions more efficiently.

Intuitive simplicity and automation are meant to serve employee-related issues, e.g. a work time bank. They can submit holiday requests from both the desktop and mobile applications. Any time planned by the employee to be away from their scheduled hours of work will be displayed in the app in advance. It will help to adjust work activities with just a skeleton staff on hand.

Let’s talk about how FlowDog can help you.



Organize Remote Processes


FlowDog helps manage the electronic document workflow efficiently by facilitating the accurate exchange of information between departments and among employees. The tool enables assigning individual permission to a given employee. Thanks to confidentiality, the information is stored and disclosed in a secure way, without the risk of being lost or falling into an unauthorized person or organization.

Automation of processing and document registration significantly affects the way the permissions are assigned and then accepted. Once granted access, employees manage documents by transferring them to a given person, altering any data, as well as by requesting additional information and accepting them. The electronic document management system consists of a digital document archive which facilitates preservation of digital archives in at least one secure place.

An intuitive search engine makes it easy to find materials uploaded by users within a certain topic. The tool gives real-time access to all the alterations within the electronic document management system.

Control Customer Relationships


A new, automated level of customer services designed to streamline communication, correspondence, document registration and archiving. FlowDog provides a round-a-clock access to the full customer history and electronic documentation. It automatically sends notifications and service reminders, as well as it reports on the current status of projects in real time.

FlowDog enables building a portfolio and automatic feedback on the application. To make your work more efficient and aimed at individual customer’s needs, it is essential to perform detailed analysis by creating comprehensive graphical charts, reports, and dashboards.



Invoicing serves as an example of electronic document workflow. The invoice management allows your business to organize and classify company’s documentation while avoiding collecting overgrown stacks of papers.

A paper invoice must first be scanned and entered into the system. Then, it is necessary to double check its content and verify its validation. After annotating the e-invoice with certain information, the initial pre-accounting takes place. The annotated invoice is submitted to the person responsible for accepting it.

All the invoices described and accepted are available for verifying in the app at any time.

Digital Offers and Contracts


FlowDog makes it possible to automatically generate offers using the data previously entered. Automatically create and enter contracts signed with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. The OCR engine enables your team to search for documents in the registry by key words.

The document management system by FlowDog consists of a built-in mechanism that helps you stay on top of key contract effective dates, guarantee expiry date, and service expiration. Any notifications and reminders can be set for a certain period of time before their expiry.

Work Time Tracking, Task & Project Control


FlowDog enables remote task management, project planning, and task distribution among employees. Control your employees’ performance and payroll processing by having access to the electronic document management system.

With FlowDog, you can manage information flows, such as meetings, the progress made, and key takeaways. Your employees can request permission for holiday leave on both desktop and mobile devices. The employer can automatically and instantly respond to all absences and queries.

Production Service, Warehousing & Supplier Service


Using electronic document records, businesses are able to significantly streamline workflow. It also helps organizations track due dates. No expiration date falls through the cracks keeping organizations compliant all the time.

Handling warehouse documents, complaints, returns and reporting stored in one app and managed in real time? Managing various types of warehouse-related or subcontractor-related documentation? Creating summaries and analysis of cooperation effectiveness? FlowDog can integrate into your organization seamlessly.

Connect Your Systems


Digital innovations are transforming both the customers as well as business models and products. FlowDog is putting an unceasing effort to boost its performance which translates into the document workflow system combined with common tools available on the market e.g. Outlook, Office365, Sharepoint, MsTeams and many more.


Manage processes and documents remotely

Enable your teams to collaborate on documents and tasks from desktop, mobile, and tablet devices

Full control over the document status

Manage documents without much human involvement

Eliminate manual errors and the back and forth clarifications between employees

Spend less time locating important documents

Designed for companies of all sizes and industries

Enhance communication within departments and among teams

User-friendly interface

Case Study

Cloud-based Recruiting

problem: The company needed all the recruiting data to be in one, organized place so that it could assess its staffing needs, measure quality of hire, as well as streamline HR document workflows and insert any information needed into documents.

SOLUTION: Check out our solution


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