FlowDog Facility Management

FlowDog FM is facility management software that helps organizations handle queries and tasks as well as manage facilities and assets.

It enables easy and fast task delegation and status reporting to installation or maintenance teams. Schedule inspections and automate the work of the team by using NFC technology. Create electronic and image documentation.

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Facility Management Software

FlowDog is an innovative low-code platform for managing workflows tailored specifically to development companies, retail space development companies, logistics and distribution warehouses, offices, housing co-operatives, real estate investors, plants, local government units, Communal Building Society and housing communities.

The app can be used on both desktop and mobile devices to exchange information between the manager and contractors, as well as residents and employees and owners. The streamlined communication allows to:

  • reduce time needed for maintenance inspections and repair
  • avoid downtime while setting a work schedule for facility operation
  • przypadkowe ominięcie periodic facility inspections or installations

The advantage of the FlowDog solution is scalability. It offers customized modules with a wide range of functionalities to meet your customers’ individual needs. Every organization needs software that is easily integrated into other systems and consolidates data from various sources. The kind of software that has the most robust security features and ensures rapid and reliable access to data and its convenient management from a mobile device.

Controlling and Reporting

The FlowDog facility management software gives you control over your installation and maintenance teams. It is a particularly useful solution for managers and supervisors who have a dozen or more employees under their supervision, operating in different geographical areas. Without a smart facility maintenance management software, it is easy to lose control over:

  • whether your teams meet their obligations or not
  • whether the maintenance work is timely performed or not
  • whether a list of actions is set or not
  • whether detailed reports are drawn up to meet today’s requirements or not

With an innovative app, you can manage employees’ tasks, set and monitor schedules, as well as record and account for the working time of people assigned to a given facility. FlowDog allows you to monitor when and where an employee logs in to the system and when they log out when they finish work. You additionally can also get detailed and organized reports of your operations without having important documents in piles of papers.

Let’s talk about how FlowDog can help you.



Requesting a customer service with priorities set for each status


The FlowDog Property Management System streamlines service reporting with validity statuses. Implementing the software, delegating and reporting tasks to installation, maintenance, and inspection teams becomes quick and easy.
The software supports resource management in the field and on-site, both from desktop and mobile devices.

Automatic Query Notifications


Stay notified and informed of new queries through automatic query notifications. It will allow you to fully maximize the facility performance. You can both accept and execute more orders and maintain control over the problem-solving process of how to repair damages.

No more delays, interruption, downtime or negligence.

Task Management


Creating, assigning and delegating in facility management confers a heavy responsibility on any organization. Proper software, special schedules and strategies are needed to run your business smoothly. Orderly and efficiently handled task management with smart software ensures that deadlines are met. It testifies to reliability and superior level of quality.

Schedule Planning & Control


Get a live map view and track your employees time and attendance with GPS location tracking. It gives you visibility into how your field teams operate.

FlowDog allows you to intuitively and effectively dispatch your field teams and manage their schedule of planned works of building inspections and installations. Thanks to the innovative app based on IoT, it is possible to save time and energy without needing to personally cover multiple locations.


Work Time Tracking


Managers and supervisors who manage field teams covering multiple locations may face challenges controlling time and quality of their work. An employee performing inspections and maintenance work reports and marks completion of reports in the app. FlowDog also allows you to monitor when and where an employee logs into and out of the app at the end of the workday.

Complaint Notification & Processing


The tool allows customers to send comments to the employees who maintain their facilities. This is of great importance in handling complaints which influences the contractor’s overall impression of the company.

The software makes it possible to both receive queries faster and solve problems efficiently.

Records and Control of Contract Performance


FlowDog also helps reduce the number of people involved in document handling and contract execution. It enables automatic creation of contracts in proper versions with set deadlines minimizing human errors.

Thanks to smart technology and the highest security standards, the risk of missing important documents is minimized. The customer account record becomes more transparent.

Plan Your Property Maintenance


Property maintenance planning is a complex process. It all depends on the type of property (e.g. logistics center, residential buildings or industrial premises) as well as its size and location.

A maintenance scheduling tool helps to easily determine all details for a correct and fast service, performed to the highest standard by the most skilled professionals.

Facility Maintenance Checklist


The facility maintenance checklist can do more harm than good. Using special software makes them better tuned to your team’ needs. Thanks to this, their tasks are performed comprehensively and the serviced area is guaranteed long-term and trouble-free operation.

Monitoring & Reporting Due Dates


The smart technology automatically monitors maintenance, complaints and warranty periods. It reports on their upcoming due dates. As a result, it both eliminates the risk of missed deadlines and prevents the major failures. It also minimizes asset issues resulting from failure to meet requirements such as inspection or repair and maintenance service.

Reports & Work Protocols


The FlowDog’s method of reporting and recording the work performed makes piles of paper disappear. There are no dead ends.

All documents and image files are organized in one place. In case of any irregularities or audits, it is possible to check all the performed operations from anywhere.

Assigning Resources by Teams and Their Expertise


The facility management is a demanding profession and requires a diverse team of professionals. Various maintenance professionals are needed depending on the building characteristics (commercial, residential or industrial space).

FlowDog makes it easy to find the best experts for a given query by assigning resources of individual activities by dedicated teams or their expertise.


Simple and intuitive tool

Streamline the daily work of your team

Automating all types of tedious and repetitive tasks on-sites

Eliminating paper circulation

Effectively supporting all processes related to facility management

Tracking work progress, controlling time and documentation related to customer service quality

Case Study

Facility Management Building Maintenance Process

problem: We have been struggling to control the quality of work performed by employees in remote locations. It is often the case that building or estate maintenance in a given location is supervised by one or two people only. A regional manager, having multiple locations under his supervision, is able to control only a small number of them. This leads to situations in which the company finds out about quality negligence or poor work performance.

SOLUTION: Check out our solution


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