Business Intelligence (BI) is an advanced analytical tool used for advanced data analysis and management of business information gathered from a data warehouse. We have extensive expertise and experience in creating and developing software fully responsive to the needs of information management and business analytics activities.

Transforming data into information and information into knowledge has never been easier. Collected, condensed and presented in an accessible way serves as a unique opportunity to increase competitiveness. Implementing BI sets your managers, analysis experts, and the entire team up for success.


Sales Analysis


The tool allows multidimensional sales analysis taking into account the specific sales field, its sales period, margin or profit, while giving the possibility to review forecasts and trends.

Data Analysis


Data workflow helps you quickly and efficiently create a variety of lists and filtered lists across various parameters, allowing for in-depth data analysis.

Entering Data Power BI


It allows you to validate data more efficiently. There is no need to create separate cloud connections. You can create structured views displayed to work with other services on the platform.

Customizable FlowDog Reporting Tool


FlowDog BI is customized to your needs. Find a solution that guarantees comprehensive functionality with an industry-specific approach. Make sure your reporting tool propel your business to new heights.



Complaint Automation Application

Our current complaint platform has met a dead-end. With the closed-source software, it is impossible to integrate it into our organization. Development costs are very high. The software cannot recognize both specific customer needs and changes occurring in the processes at least once a quarter. We want customers and employees to perceive our company as a leader in innovative front-end and back-end solutions. The current complaint application works only on non-mobile devices. Thus, it significantly delays the complaint handling process (e.g. after taking pictures of the damaged equipment or poor delivery, the image files have to be copied from the phone and attached to the platform.)

Time Tracking? You Sure Need It

Time Tracking? You Sure Need It

The key functionalities that support online working include: remote project planning, efficient task and meeting management, work allocation, project progress tracking and time tracking. You can find all [...]


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