Solar Installation CRM App

Imagine giving your client the best customer service and simultaneously creating documentation with voice typing. You then press “send” and it is “done”! We will do the rest for you with FlowDog.

Have you ever wondered how quick and efficient your work would be, if you could actually control your team’s work?

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What if you are just one tap away from smoothly assigning tasks, tracking real-time progress, effectively measuring your process performance, granting users permissions, automatically creating e-contracts, and managing the status of reports?

CRM for Solar Installation

We streamline, simplify and automate sales of solar installations. FlowDog is a self-serve and rock-solid low-code platform and application that enables you to manage the entire process – from acquiring leads, collecting requirements, automatically configuring the offer and sending the contract, to integrating with other departments, invoicing and reselling additional services after the installation is done.

FlowDog is more than just a CRM software for the solar industry. Thanks to our flexible and modular approach, we can easily suit all your business needs by customizing functionalities and appearance, within minutes. Business processes can be automated in many areas, but as it turns out, most of the apps for solar installations available on the market can only facilitate a single part of a business process. FlowDog combines the high-quality CRM system for managing solar installations with an application for installers, enabling everyone to seamlessly and comprehensively handle the entire process. Developed with efficiency in mind, FlowDog keeps track of deadlines and payments, giving you the control you need. The low-code, rapid application development environment of FlowDog supports all teams at each stage of the process, with its intuitive and agile design ready to lead you step by step through the system.

Application for Solar Installers and Salespeople

Using several different applications causes a variety of delay types. Combined with other business dilemmas, such as staff turnover, an increase in customer numbers and human errors, it means losing control over the entire solar installation process. It goes without saying that systems tailored individually to the company’s needs can prevent companies from getting into financial and operational troubles.

Additionally, the global solar power market is constantly growing. It is vital to get your business going with the right application that could speed up the work for both solar installers and salespeople, and thus allow you to sell more projects. FlowDog is a dynamic app for the solar industry and is fully committed to making your work easier and mundane by any means possible. Control the status of your work anytime, anywhere.

Get Control Over the Installation Process of Renewable Energy Projects

FlowDog provides you with 24/7 access to documentation so that all files and image content are stored and displayed within a second, if necessary. The performance metrics can help you evaluate your team’s best people, as well as any downtime. But over and above that, solar companies are expanding their operations into the heat pump and air conditioning business, as well as other related branches. Having already implemented a great deal of applications based on lessons learned from long-standing experience, FlowDog is designed to face any challenges related to the field service industry.

Those who trusted FlowDog value our practical approach and intuitiveness. Our system boasts the exceptional ability to make informed decisions based on analytical data, to speed up company’s operational activities by automating and assigning tasks, as well as to gain time for new assignments and reduce operating costs.

Let’s talk about how FlowDog can help you.



Sales Opportunity


A prospective customer appears in the application.

Detailed Site Visit


A team gets to know the client’s needs and expectations.



A PV installer submits the project for valuation.



The project department develops a detailed project valuation and prepares a pre-design (conceptual stage).


Sending an Offer


After the project is evaluated by the design team, the PV installer can reduce or increase the project price.



After the offer is accepted, the PV installer draws up a contract to be signed electronically or in paper.

Project Preparation


The design studio prepares the solar PV design.

Time Period


The project department manager and the implementation department team consult the time period necessary to finish the solar project with the client.)

Solar PV Installation


The PV installer team prepares documentation, checks status reports and starts construction work. Once this is complete, the PV installer team reports back to the app.

Post Completion Testing


The solar PV installation process and the technical documentation is commissioned and verified respectively.

Permits and Documentation


The accounting department issues the final invoice and hands over the permits and documentation. The client receives the installation and maintenance checklist.

Satisfied Client


A client receives a maintenance schedule.

Manage Your Solar Installation

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Reduce operational costs

Boost your team’s productivity

Fuel your management with high-quality notifications

Speed up your internal operations

Easily manage document-centric workflows

Make decisions based on real-time data

Easily integrate into other systems

Enhance customer satisfaction

Case Study

Renewable Energy Installator - Solar Installation Process

problem: The management staff needed a single mobile app for solar installers that would organize the entire customer service process from customer acquisition to a final invoice and post-completion testing.

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