Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) are starting to address more crucial issues. AI helps businesses unleash their automation potential and is ready to spark the 4.0 revolution. AI technologies could be deployed to make accurate predictions, prevent energy losses, fight climate change and support green energy. Automation and AI are transforming the world.

A unique benefit of using artificial intelligence in the renewable energy sector is the ability to predict potential failures. With special systems and AI technologies, it becomes possible to detect anomalies in energy generation, consumption or transmission more effectively. This approach applies to both renewable and non-renewable energy plants.

Our platform for managing the renewable energy process is becoming a reality. FlowDog offers a revolutionized way to automate operations in the renewable energy industry, freeing your organization from data flow errors and giving you time for high-value work. Renewable energy process management encompasses a whole range of activities. From requirements collection, through offer configuration and integration with the design department, to electronic contract drafts. It also streamlines installation processes and related financial operations as well as any activities focused on additional services sales.

Technologia zarządzania procesami instalacji OZE może pomóc przedsiębiorstwom w usprawnieniu ich działalności w wielu kluczowych obszarach:

In many ways, FlowDog is becoming an essential tool for the booming renewable energy industry.

The software designed to manage renewable energy installation processes can help organizations streamline their operations in the following key areas:

  • Reducing operating costs and gaining time for new assignments
  • Improving employee efficiency
  • Standardizing work by sending reminders
  • Speeding up business operations by automating task delegation
  • Granting access to data and documents in real time
  • Better decision-making based on analytical data
  • Integrating other systems
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Efficient communication between field teams and HQ based staff
Fault management in cooperation with technical field service
Available date scheduling
Advanced permissions levels to view documentation
Automated contract and offer generation
Direct interaction with the Customer Service Center
Data analysis and visualization

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