The automotive industry is highly competitive. The implications of COVID-19 are greatly seen in the company’s decisions to postpone their fleet replacement. This is why proper customer management and high customer satisfaction feed through into meaningful and long-term cooperation. Check out how we can help you better customer service and support.

Investing in innovative solutions to improve customer satisfaction is the easiest way to grow your business and achieve tangible financial benefits. FlowDog delivers a dedicated IT system, Customer Service Center and support centers.

Imagine a situation: your client wants to make an appointment to replace his/her tires. In most cases, he will call the Customer Service Center to check the appointment details. Will the client be able to make an appointment immediately? Unfortunately not. He still will be forced to go a long way to check the appointment availability, attractiveness of the offer and reviews.

Imagine giving the client a dedicated app in order to check appointment availability and book tyre replacement. Sounds like a trouble-free service? The FlowDog app streamlines the work of any auto workshop or autocenter. It allows your organization to set your work schedule. The service center receives a query for a certain vehicle and exact appointment date. After finishing work, the service team attaches image files and relevant documents in the app. All the documentation is sent to the organization and archived. The entire car service process is monitored in the app. Your client can check the progress anytime, anywhere. What is more, it is also possible to keep rankings of the best service centers which can easily boost competitiveness among them.



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Facility Managment

When speaking of Facility Management, it is obvious that managing people play a particularly important role, especially when they build a distributed team. Check out our solutions for comprehensive facility management.


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