Case Study: Leading company specializing in water delivery and distribution in Europe.


Client & Need:

Eden Springs Group, a market leader in water supply, employs over 13,000 employees in Poland and Europe. Before implementing FlowDog, the company faced a number of challenges. The most important ones were an unorganized sales process and the need for manual creation of offers, contracts, and orders, which placed a significant burden on the sales department. Additionally, there was a lack of a cohesive system that would enable the generation of offers and the creation of compiled calculations. Monitoring the work of salespeople and the customer service department was impossible. Another issue was the dispersion of documents in various locations and systems, which made daily work difficult and slowed it down.

Challengdes & Expectations:

The implementation of FlowDog aimed to automate three key processes. The first one was the sales process, which involved the generation of offers and contracts. Next, the FlowDog platform was used to monitor the quality of work in the call center. The third process included in the implementation was the offer calculator. All of these functionalities were fully customized to meet the client’s individual needs, providing personalized solutions for Eden Springs. The implementation of all functionalities took less than 6 months.


Below is a brief description of the scope of functionalities that were implemented:

Sales Process:

  • Individual email templates for users that can be edited before sending along with a contract or order.
  • Variety of email templates depending on the type of contract or order.
  • Adding a scanned signature that automatically generates on documents.
  • Monthly update of the customer database from an external Eden database, with the ability to manually add new customers.
  • Generating contracts for customers based on a filled-out form, with automatic cost calculation based on added products.
  • Ability to add custom contracts using a short form and attachment, with customer data verification for selected templates. • Forwarding specific contracts to a supervisor for approval.
  • Self-submission of documents for approval by a salesperson, and the supervisor can add comments, approve, or reject the document.
  • Sending contracts or orders for customer authorization via email with a pre-defined message template.
  • Notifications to customers via email and SMS with a link to authorize the document and add comments, with automatic rejection after a specified time.
  • Notifications to salespeople with responses from supervisors or customers, with the ability to make decisions or cancel a contract or order.

Offer Calculator:

  • Transferring calculations and parameters from an Excel file to the FlowDog calculator.\
  • Variety of fields on the form depending on the segment. • Importing a list of delivery points into the offer.
  • Adding additional delivery points using previously entered product/service information. • Ability to copy and edit offers.
  • Approval workflow dependent on specified levels.
  • Supervisor selection based on the salesperson’s supported segment and achieving a certain approval level.
  • Salesperson can choose an approving person from a group of supervisors.
  • Supervisor can directly edit data on the offer.

Among the innovative elements, we can highlight:

  • Signing orders by customers using a mechanism based on a combination of SMS and email messages and generating digital document shortcuts.
  • Proprietary mechanism enabling fully automated preparation and generation of contracts and orders in PDF format.
  • Proprietary LowCode/NoCode technology allowing the implementation team to simultaneously create data structures and user interface screens.

Among the main goals achieved according to the client’s expectations, we can mention:

Goal and expectation alignment: The implementation of FlowDog fully met the client’s goals and expectations. Contracts generated from FlowDog templates are very easy to prepare and sign, both from the user’s side and the end customer’s side, who can accept the contract/order terms by clicking on the link. As a result, the percentage of returned, signed contracts has increased; quick customer response “here and now” (currently over 90% of returned signed contracts vs 80% before FlowDog implementation).

Time efficiency: The entire project lasted about 6 months, with processes being implemented sequentially. This gives us about 7-8 weeks to implement one process.

Financial efficiency: The implementation of FlowDog primarily contributed to improving the quality and efficiency of the sales department’s work. By automating the processes of generating offers, contracts, and orders, employees handle 40% more orders than before FlowDog implementation, directly contributing to increased sales.

Customer satisfaction: The customer service process has been automated and accelerated. Currently, customers receive a personalized contract within minutes after speaking with a sales representative and can immediately react by providing feedback or instantly accepting and proceeding with the order fulfillment.

Operational efficiency: Prior to the implementation, processes were significantly slower, prone to errors and mistakes due to manual actions, and it was not possible to control, monitor, and analyze actions and results. An additional benefit of FlowDog implementation is the reporting module, allowing real-time monitoring of the quantity and quality of work by individual Sales Teams and down to each Salesperson/User. By having all contracts and orders collected and archived in one tool, decisions can be made based on both the current and historical data.



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