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FlowDog combines a process management approach with digitalization and automation of document and task flows. FlowDog is a powerful tool with a wide range of capabilities and features that can be expanded according to different business needs through modular solutions. FlowDog offers excellent systems for both large and smaller companies looking for a workflow system automating critical business processes.

LowCode helps non-developers design applications and create processes by relieving them of the need to write code line by line. It significantly improves performance of individual employees and allows organizations to better manage continuous change at various organizational levels and in countless industries.

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Mobile & Web Apps


With FlowDog, nontechnical users can create applications with little or no coding experience, whereby mobile and web developers can save time and gain additional value of personal development or focus on higher priority tasks. By doing so, the organization can reduce cost, time and error.

Digital Workplace


FlowDog customers use devices to create and run apps which then becomes their natural work environment. Their functionality depends on the industry and business profile. They can introduce solutions that allow accounting teams to route and share invoices and documents across multiple departments and systems. It is possible to run more advanced projects, depending on the needs of your teams or experts (e.g. a tool for handling credit applications.)

Tools to Boost Performance Long-term


Introducing the LowCode platform allows your team to boost their performance anytime. They are no longer obliged to report any improvements to developers. They can create the necessary solution on their own. This functionality is especially useful for the companies where managing and tracking multiple projects across several teams is supervised by a single manager only.

Functional Solution As a Lever of Competitive Advantage


FlowDog LowCode platform will prove useful in almost any business. It is a tool tailored to meet your company’s development needs. FlowDog LowCode can seamlessly integrate into your organization providing straightforward connectivity to your databases and systems.


Short deployment time (build a business application within a few days)

Build a fully functional web or mobile app without any code

Business scaling performance

Automatic error reporting

Application lifecycle management

Automatic documentation


Cloud-based Recruiting

The company needed all the recruiting data to be in one, organized place so that it could assess its staffing needs, measure quality of hire, as well as streamline HR document workflows and insert any information needed into documents.

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