Cyber security is the method consisting of technologies, processes and measures to comprehensively protect your business from cyber threats. It protects the network, system or applications from unauthorized data access, cyber attacks, and data leakage.

The solutions are designed to analyze potential threats, enable auditing and eliminate vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure. It also proves beneficial to develop specialized security procedures and their rapid implementation.


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Whenever a company communicates online, sends data via e-mail or stores data in external locations, it leaves itself open to a potential attack through the spread of malware, spyware and computer viruses. However, using sound practices to keep your company’s data safe and secure is nowadays indispensable. Implementing resource protection has long been a priority of businesses. Properly implemented IT policy when followed through by organizations can successfully affect the overall business performance. It is of high importance in the pursuit of real business benefits.

Let’s talk about how FlowDog can help you.



IT Security Support


FlowDog offers a range of multiple IT security solutions. Building secure ICT systems and applications is our priority.

Based on our security testing, we perform preventative maintenance and cybersecurity monitoring of infrastructure and business processes.

Data Security


Based on advanced security auditing, we aim to optimize your business by finding any challenges to your technological operations. Our offer includes implementing sound security policies and procedures supporting the company’s security in data processing.

Technology Stack


We provide security testing and auditing for services based on various types of IT infrastructures, on-premise and in the cloud (visualization, containers, cloud services, monitoring and reporting.)



Knowledge sharing benefits everyone. We organize appropriate cybersecurity training for employees. We help others identify current cyber threats to which employees are exposed, both in the office and those working in the field, or at home. We explain how cyber threats work and how you can prevent them from causing damage.


Identify, estimate and prioritize risks and threats

Reduce vulnerabilities to attacks

Provide a simplified cybersecurity environment

Security that grows with your business

Reduce maintenance costs


Facility Management Building Maintenance Process

We have been struggling to control the quality of work performed by employees in remote locations. It is often the case that building or estate maintenance in a given location is supervised by one or two people only. A regional manager, having multiple locations under his supervision, is able to control only a small number of them. This leads to situations in which the company finds out about quality negligence or poor work performance.

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