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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of systems, applications, or machines to perform activities associated with human beings such as reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity, as well as to execute actions and predict outcomes based on information gathered. AI helps adapt system behavior by analyzing past consequences, planning, and operating automatically.

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Data Analysis


Investing in a data management infrastructure and embracing data monetization is becoming a thing for those companies searching for a more consistent approach to make their revenues bigger. Dynamic analytics provide access to near real-time information, while our user-friendly tool allows users to independently create analyses and detailed reports based on historical information as well as data and trend research.

Data Assimilation


By implementing data analysis processes, taking into account all significant parameters and results, it is possible to calculate real sales volumes, define the target group or high-value products, as well as to optimally schedule future activity assignments.

Auto-response Implementation


FlowDog AI allows you to set up auto-responses through the use of the system, as well as to plan individual auto-replies, e.g. assigning documentation to appropriate people and its acceptance or rejecting process paths depending on customers’ needs.

Inventory Planning and Monitoring & Business Flow Management


Goods’ and flows management between manufacturers and distributors, as well as complimenting, transporting, unloading, marking, weighing or scanning can be implemented through a tailored process and managed by the app.

AI-driven App


FlowDog is a simple and user-friendly app. Thanks to automation and flexibility, it is possible to optimize processes constantly.

Open Infrastructure


FlowDog provides ready-to-use modules from which you can easily create instant solutions. Thanks to its open infrastructure, it is possible to constantly develop your apps.


Easier and more effective business decision-making

Scale resources & Reduce costs

Optimized workflows & Faster results

Improved customer service quality


Access Control Process

We struggled with the lack of control over people entering and leaving our Data Center. Customers’ employees would not return their access cards to the Data Center for several days. The control department was unable to verify their presence and the validity of their access rights, which posed a real risk to our organization.


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