FlowDog Repair & Maintenance Service is a software for automating processes related to the broadly understood service –from coffee machine maintenance or repair of motor vehicles, through facility maintenance, to servicing and repairing heavy machines. With FlowDog, your organization is able to automatically manage services in the mentioned industries as well as to immediately respond to a problem.

Once a notification is received, a dedicated employee is assigned to solve the problem. Mechanics and service technicians can enjoy simplified automation of tedious documentation work during repairs thanks to an app for mobiles and tablet devices.

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Software for a Repair & Maintenance Company

Achieving digital transformation will become critical to your organization for years ahead. In pursuit of digital transformation, companies are business model innovations. The repair and maintenance industry seems like the very first industry to have boosted its operations within customer communication, documentation maintenance, company’s records, and the current status of ongoing repairs. This applies to both smaller and larger machines, motor vehicles or electrical equipment.

FlowDog offers complete functionality suitable for companies of all sizes and industries. The tailor-made and flexible software relates to value. Digitally transforming and automating business processes makes your organization gain a competitive edge on the market, as well as create a favorable entrepreneurial atmosphere for developing a reliable customer portfolio, winning valuable business partners, and thus increasing profits.

Innovative & Custom-made Software

A special module allows you to record all information about a particular customer and the activities planned as well as to keep a record of all contracts. It is possible to quickly and easily find necessary reports, summaries of the previous maintenance work and review documents.

The FlowDog software stands out with a modular software design. It makes any configuration of a dedicated process much faster and cheaper when compared to software development companies dealing with a full-service technology, design, and development. Our features are flexible and adjustable to the individually voiced needs of our client. We are significantly reducing the implementation time. Depending on specific repair and maintenance services, FlowDog adjusts its features to the following areas:

  • heavy construction machines
  • production machinery
  • farm equipment
  • catering equipment
  • goods vehicles
  • air conditioning
  • furnaces
  • boilers
  • passenger cars
  • consumer electronics
  • electrical installations
  • hydraulic systems
  • water and sewer installation

Delegating Tasks in a Repair & Maintenance Service Company

With access to all the conveniences, FlowDog allows you to manage your employees more efficiently. You can effectively delegate service orders with the click of a button. It is a chance to efficiently organize and prioritize the workflow of professionals. With FlowDog, they can perform repairs and maintenance with greater ease and confidence, contributing to higher customer satisfaction.

Thanks to planning, special schedules and modern technology, you can easily optimize the way your organization uses human resources. FlowDog allows you to constantly monitor the work of professionals. With such support of any service processes, it is possible to use all the necessary functions designed to perform timely repairs or inspections, ensuring reliable operation of your customers’ machinery, equipment and motor vehicles.

Software for Machine & Car Service

Reliable machine and car services highlight the growing importance of automation in the automotive and machinery industry. Implementing FlowDog is an excellent solution for an external customer as well as for your organisation. Old paper files of service books are being replaced by modern, remote and electronic service databases.

They store information necessary for companies servicing machines or car workshops. It is a time-saving solution which speeds up the entire process of spotting defects and summarizing repairs.

Reliable information on the operation of motor vehicles or machines, deadlines for replacing parts can significantly reduce the risk of misdiagnosis, as well as accidents at work. It can also minimize unplanned downtime resulting from various anomalies. Having full access to extensive documentation, it is possible to detect potential risks earlier, which at the same time resolves conflicts with customers.


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The FlowDog software for repair and maintenance service management allows you to initiate comprehensive measures and processes. With the app, it is possible to fully handle queries appropriately and gain full control over your organization’s operations.

The software is available for both mobile and desktop. Schedule service queries, set up service calls, delegate tasks and assign them to appropriate service technicians in any way you like. Additionally, you can use automatic invoicing, keep watch on the payment deadlines, and have full control over your finances.

Repair Service & Complaints


Coordinating repairs and complaints with FlowDog finally becomes easy. With our set of tools, you can assign tasks to your employees based on their competence, experience and the location of a request. Create your own repair forms. We will integrate our app into your systems.

Automatically generate special repair offers and estimate their costs. By using the app analytics and having access to the full event history, you can likewise find upsell opportunities you can show your customers.

Warehouse and Field Team Management


We offer a database for any attributes and components by allowing your organization to fully monitor inventory balance details and handle your orders. Enter your paths including individual purchase prices for each batch or with a serial number.

The warehouse management features are directly linked to repairs. Once your team is notified, the appropriate set of tools and materials are prepared for a given field representative.

FlowDog - an application that relates developing


With FlowDog tools and applications, you can be assured that they adapt to an ever-changing environment and people’s needs. Our technology does not stand still, innovative approaches are constantly being introduced to transform and modernize your business.

– Generating personalized documents and forms
– Repair and request search engine with a complete document archive
– Speech-to-text notes for queries
– Uploading and converting image and text files
– Extensive Business Intelligence and reports
– Integration of multiple systems
– Applications for a web browser, computer, tablet or smartphone

Manage Your PV Installations



Remote and field work for your teams


Automating queries and their management among employees

Monitoring all events, their history and statuses

Reducing costs by selecting service technicians for given queries

Measuring field service performance of your technicians

Upsell opportunities you can show your customers

Automating invoicing and control over finances

Case Study

Renewable Energy Installer

problem: I head up a group of around 60 people (administration and PV surveyors). I remember struggling not so long ago with the growing number of orders being placed in our company and couldn’t keep up with a changing cohort of employees. We were using various types of applications delaying our work. A large number of documents were misplaced, missing or past due. The administration staff failed to timely and effectively handle documents.

I was just losing track of the entire PV installation process and decided to search for an app that would simplify and improve the customer service process comprehensively – from the PV surveyor’s site visit to the post completion testing. FlowDog has solved this problem for us.

SOLUTION: Check out our solution


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