FlowDog Security Services is security management software for large and small companies providing security or property guarding services.

No matter the size or nature of your business and the scope of protection you provide to your customers, FlowDog Security Services is a reliable tool for you. It will get you up and running quickly without special skills or knowledge and expensive infrastructure.


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Make sure your organization is secure with the system for patrol tours. Define patrols, posts, assign tasks, control and record the service quality and manage emergency situations. The traffic surveillance system at the entrance gates will allow for effective control. Collect and analyze data, create reports, run threat analysis, and track your guard officers’ work time.

Security Services Software

In Poland, there are several thousand security guard companies that protect life and property. Not only are estates, buildings, assets protected, but also people. FlowDog has already facilitated operations of many facility and property management companies that take care of patrolling the designated estates, buildings, or assets.

However, in such a sensitive area as security, managing teams which executes patrol tours, supervises properties or are on duty proves to be extremely vital. Each time, they are obliged to complete individual tasks from the checklist, such as inspecting given areas or reporting nonconformities (e.g. lighting problems). Hiring reliable and skilled employees, however, is only half of the story. Properly supervising your guard team and effectively delegating tasks based on the contemporary business requirements and 21st century tools mark the full operational success.

FlowDog Security comes to your aid. It is security services software that allows you to easily and instantly create tasks for your employees, assign shifts and establish work schedules or set working hours. With FlowDog, you gain the ability to report in a simple and clear way, electronically report nonconformities and, most importantly, accelerate your response in the case of any real-world critical events.

Guard Tour Software. Your Must-Have Tool

A special management software for companies that administer estates, building, and assets and employ guard teams is even more desirable when the companies deal with various aspects of security services, e.g. dispatching intervention groups in the event of an alarm being triggered, managing venues of mass gatherings, employing security guards for patrol tours, keeping all documentation and managing the affairs of its customers.

Such a wide array of activities makes the automation of human resources management and implementation of an electronic document workflow system a must-have. It is a step forward for any businesses. It allows organizations to boost operational efficiency. Small and medium-sized companies gain real chances to compete on the market, while large companies might strengthen their market position. This approach is possible to be taken thanks to the guard tour software which increases the quality of services provided. Without sufficient automation and due to chaos and dynamically competitive market your business might sooner or later be on the verge of collapse.

Benefits of Security Services App

Regular patrol tours are a service introduced not only for private companies, but also public institutions, NGOs or housing cooperatives. The right software for patrol tours allows you to check whether an employee has actually made a thorough inspection.

What is more, the guard can easily file a report on the facility patrolling and describe a possible incident by attaching image files or voice memos from a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this, both the manager and the customer have access to the documents in electronic versions all in one place. Verifying security measures taken becomes possible in real time, based on the employee’s location.

Gate Access Control System

With gate access control software, you can continuously control vehicle traffic. It is vital to complement it with the right tools to collect license plate data and organize a reliable emergency response procedure which will help your guard officers intervene appropriately and easily access assistive technology.

Let’s talk about how FlowDog can help you.



Efficient management and settlement of work


Instant response and event notifications via mobile app

Instant response and event notifications via mobile app

24/7/365 access to services

Mobile employee management

View event history and reports even years later

Integration with CCTV & license plate recognition systems

Case Study

Renewable Energy Installer

problem: I head up a group of around 60 people (administration and PV surveyors). I remember struggling not so long ago with the growing number of orders being placed in our company and couldn’t keep up with a changing cohort of employees. We were using various types of applications delaying our work. A large number of documents were misplaced, missing or past due. The administration staff failed to timely and effectively handle documents.

I was just losing track of the entire PV installation process and decided to search for an app that would simplify and improve the customer service process comprehensively – from the PV surveyor’s site visit to the post completion testing. FlowDog has solved this problem for us.

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