Flexible and integrated tool to manage production operations and associated processes. The production management software will allow you to effectively plan your production, monitor the performance and control the entire production process.

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What makes a good production? For effective operation, your manufacturing unit needs an appropriate plan and a good system designed to control the complexity of production issues.


The high quality of customer service has never been so vital than it is now. For the last two years, it has become clear that digital transformation is inevitable. In order to overcome communication barriers, manage production data more effectively, define business process profiles, and quickly adapt to shifting customer expectations, it is necessary to become digitally literate.

FlowDog is a production management software designed to build competitive advantage. It is a trusted medium minimizing communication gaps and constituting the bridge within organizations. It is a platform for production planning, automation, improvement and control of production processes. Create a smart factory with FlowDog.

Using a variety of innovative technologies such as AI, NFC, speech-to-text, Geotagging, QR codes, as well as IoT and smart sensors, FlowDog allows you to seamlessly make a move to Industry 4.0. Enjoy its benefits just weeks after implementation.

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Information Exchange Between Departments


Ability to automatically exchange information in real time between sales offices, procurement departments and production departments

Production Planning & Scheduling


Planning and scheduling production assets (machines, raw materials, employees)

Production Logistics


Managing orders and production queries, materials, supply chains, and running in-plant logistics

Subcontractor Management


Measuring supplier performance and spotting any irregularities, shortages, and downtime

Production Data Analysis & Visualization


Developing a smart factory through complex analytics and data diagnostics

Record of Costs


Financial and accounting control and monitoring operating revenues and expenses


Improve productivity and efficiency

Reduce downtime and minimize changeovers

Reduce production costs

Improve information flow and data analysis

Quickly adapt to shifting customer expectations

Improved customer service quality

Case Study

Renewable Energy Installer

problem: I head up a group of around 60 people (administration and PV surveyors). I remember struggling not so long ago with the growing number of orders being placed in our company and couldn’t keep up with a changing cohort of employees. We were using various types of applications delaying our work. A large number of documents were misplaced, missing or past due. The administration staff failed to timely and effectively handle documents.

I was just losing track of the entire PV installation process and decided to search for an app that would simplify and improve the customer service process comprehensively – from the PV surveyor’s site visit to the post completion testing. FlowDog has solved this problem for us.

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