Facility Management

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Performed by facility management services, the facility management industry has so far been somewhat dispersed among other business areas or divided into individual services or functions, such as security or building maintenance, among others.

According to the report “Jobs in the Facility Management Industry” compiled by the Polish Facility Management Council, Hays Poland and pracuj.pl, the facility management industry encompasses a broad spectrum of services performed to ensure that your facilities run at the level it is meant to function at. At its simplest, facility operations describe a process of integrating people, spaces, tools and processes in one place. It aims to improve the quality of life of the people using a certain space and to increase the effectiveness of their activities. This is achieved through ongoing development of support services.

The pandemic has shown that facility management needs to navigate new challenges as the post-pandemic workplace takes shape. Office spaces might become a thing of the past. It means a change in the way employers approach the workplace. Facility management is providing dozens of individual services to hundreds of thousands of organizations, the largest of which are: maintaining complex building installations and technical facilities oversight, utility management, delivering cleaning services, janitorial and building security, as well as advanced administration services. These are driving the need to effectively manage and automate business operations. New and emerging technologies have a huge potential which can help increase efficiency and the quality of services provided.


Scheduling facility operations and maintenance
Employee time tracking
24/7 monitoring with on-call service
Facility security and surveillance

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Security & Technical Supervision

Integrate security processes, define patrol rounds and posts, assign tasks, control and record the service quality and manage emergency situations. Traffic surveillance system at the entrance gates will allow for effective control. Collect and analyze data, create reports, analyze threat information, track the time of each stage of guard work.